Installation software v. 1.2.6

I bought a ezcap cassette to usb device. It came with a small disc which will not run in my drive. It says version 47.1A on the disc but says version 1.2.6 in the instruction manual. I have Mac OS 10.9.2.
Can I get a full size disc or should I download from this website - if so, which file is best to use??? I am somewhat of a novice so sorry if the answer is obvious.
Thanks, Chris

Unfortunately some manufacturers are still bundling very old (obsolete) versions of Audacity with their products.
The current (Audacity 2.0.5) is available (free) from here:

I would recommend downloading the version near the top of the page (Audacity 2.0.5 (.dmg file, 29.3 MB, including help files) for OS X 10.4 or later (Universal Binary) )
Please follow the installation instructions (just below the download links) carefully so as to avoid this problem:

Thanks so much - i’ll give it a try