Installation Issue on XP[SOLVED]

I have tried to install Audacity v2.0.2 via the googlecode download site both directly and as a ‘save’ file and as a zip. I have uninstalled audacity betwen attempts and deleted the files in the c:/program file directory. I am accepting the defaults during installation. No matter what method I try, after the install I get the same ‘Setup’ error message ‘Unable to execute file: C:/Program Files/Audacity/audacity.exe CreateProcess failed, code 14001: The application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.’ I have searched on 14001 and was recommended to buy SpeedyPC Pro and run it first - it also failed to fix the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions or shall I reinstall the operating system and see if that fixes the problem?
System spec: Hi-Grade Ultinote D6000 (ECS G610) 2Gb mem (1.5Gb available) Microft Windows XP Pro OpSys ver 5.1 build 2600 Service Pack 3. X86 processor. I am downloading using IE8.

See here: .

Thanks. A simple but necessary prompt to read and apply the FAQ religously has resulted in a successful installation. I uninstalled Audacity, deleted the program file directories, cleared the temporary files and reinstalled using SourceForge. It took about 5 times longer than Googlecode and often left me looking at an unchanged screen wondering what was going on in the background. It also required a number of optional extra desktop shortcuts and other products to be considered or unticked but in the end delivered the product. I’m not technical enough to speculate why one download worked and the other didn’t - I’ll leave that to you; I’m off to buy the appropriate cable connectors now.

Both the GoogleCode and SourceForge installations of Audacity would launch once you installed the Microsoft Redistributable package.

SourceForge includes a lot of advertising and other unwanted distractions, hence we longer link to them as our main download resource. But as always, free services like SourceForge have to cover their costs somehow.