Installation Breaks Internet Connect [SOLVED]

Windows 8.1
Audacity 2.1.2 .exe Installer
LAME MP3 encoder

This has happened both with the Audacity installation and the LAME MP3 encoder installation. After each installation my internet had been disconnected (maybe already was disconnected) and I could not connect it except to limited. I took the computer down. Turned it back on. Then I could connect to the internet.

I’m wondering if there is a bug or something I could fix.

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I’m wondering if you got Audacity from here?

What’s the real version number?

When was the last time you did a real stiff virus scan, the one where you can’t use your machine for several hours…or overnight.

I could not connect it except to limited

What is Limited?


Yes, I did get Audacity from this site, today. The Version Number is at the top of the post I’m not sure what you mean by the “real” version number. It is 2.1.2. There isn’t a virus on the laptop - I’ve just had Geek Squad scrub it and reinstall from the purchase load. Limited is what the internet connection says when it can only connect to things like your printer. I’m extremely new at audio, 68 years old and disabled, but I do have a 98% programmers aptitude. It’s just that it’s been 25 years since I have worked.

I was the one who questioned the site you send us to for the download in another post. Everything is clean as a whistle. I’ve been using the program from the USB port and haven’t had the problem except for the installations. I have one more question that is how do I know if it’s recording from the USB or from the Microsoft microphone? That may seem dumb, but the test I did sounded like the microphone and I know there are several places in the system that I may have had to change, including in the program.

After this last question, I’m going to do quite a bit of just recording and will learn editing in a few weeks.

I’m on mountain standard time and fell asleep. 1:35 AM now so I won’t be back up again for several hours.

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Susan H :slight_smile:

If your bandwidth is capped/monitored or if you have a flaky connection, it is possible that downloading something will cause the connection to fail.

What is the USB device? You have to explicitly choose the Audacity recording and playback devices in Device Toolbar.


I use COX Cable with their own modem/router combo. I have my own password in the router. I woke up thinking there might be conflict (hardware) somewhere that hopefully I can ignore.

The USB device is a Jensen JTA-230 record player. They recommend your software (from a different site). I was lucky to see a comment there right away to come to your site. So I’ve been reading both their manual and your manual. I’m going to go over both again today. I was able to make an MP3 so I’m thinking the LAME MP3 encoder works good.

The manuals that come with USB record players can be incorrect, especially if they refer to an older version of Audacity.

The best advice is here: .


Thank you. I missed being able to work on it yesterday, so this is perfect timing. I’m thinking on deleting the device driver also. It does say it’s working, but when it loaded it stopped early for almost an hour. I re-booted. It’s not fun when it just doesn’t do what it is suppose to :slight_smile:
I’ll reply again when I get somewhere :slight_smile:

I did troubleshoot the Driver. It fixed ‘something.’ So I’m leaving it for now.

The link was very helpful. I actually understand more about what is on the screen. There is one question. In the recording device - properties - advanced under default format there is only:
2 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz
2 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)
The instructions at the link say 44100 Hz. Since I know very little about what it does, I refer back to you as to if 48000 is ok. I would then change the lower left of the program to 48000 Hz?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Is the first choice 1 channel? The most important thing is to choose a stereo (2 channel) choice, assuming the records are stereo.

Yes if you only see 48000 Hz in the recording device properties for the turntable, it’s best to choose 48000 Hz bottom left of Audacity.


Thank you for all the help. Whatever I did, it sounds much better. I’m going to save some records to projects. I may edit them later. I will probably have to shave the front and back off unless I get very good at the start and stop. Eventually I’ll make .MP3’s. I’m going to look at making tracks. As they say, I will have them portable. I’m so happy it works so well.

Thank you,
Susan H.


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