Install Waves Sibilance plugin in Audacity 2.4.2 Win10 & Mac

This is my first plugin install in Audacity and I’m trying to install the Waves Sibilance v12 plugin on my Windows 10 machine (before attempting it again on my wife’s Mac).

If I’ve understood other messages on this forum, I need to install Waves’ 32-bit shell dll in the Audacity plugin folder (Users/myname/AppData/Roaming/Audacity/Plug-Ins). Is that correct?

Unfortunately, it looks like Waves only downloaded a 64-bit version of their shell dll to my computer. When I copy that dll into Audacity’s plugin folder I see it listed, but I can’t Enable it, it says it “can’t load the library”.

Other messages I’ve read seem to indicate that they stopped including a 32-bit shell after v10 - is that correct? So if I asked Waves for the v10 version I’d get the 32-bit shell and all would be hunky-dory?

Thanks for any insight.

The Windows version of Audacity is 32-bits, so yes, only 32-bit plug-ins work.

WAVES does not officially support Audacity and I have no idea if it will work…

Waves Sibilance v12

Is the goal to smooth out sibilance, essing, or harsh, gritty spoken word performances?

We do OK with existing tools.

If you use desibilator after the Audiobook Mastering tools, you won’t need to chase your performance volume all over. It’s automatic.

Here’s the short version.

You can use generic desibilator settings, too. These have been remarkably effective.

Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 11.53.00.png
Technically, you should do the frequency analysis and figure out where the sibilance hump is, but with this, you only need to get close.


Currently on Windows only 32-bit and NOT VST3, nor VSTi.