install manual locally[SOLVED]

I was very excited to get audacity after my friend introduced me to it!.. however the manual is NOT installing locally, as it says it will. If my internet connection isn’t strong, the manual wont work! she has version 2.0.2 and it works fine ALWAYS! What can I do to get version 2.0.5 manual to work ALWAYS? (even if I am somewhere with my laptop and the internet isn’t strong…)

Download the EXE installer of Audacity from: .

In Audacity, Edit > Preferences, choose “Interface” on the left, then make sure “Location of Manual” is set to “Local”. Use Help > Manual (in web browser) to open the Manual.

You can also open the Audacity installation folder, then open the “help” folder then the “manual” folder inside that, finally double-click on “index.html” to open the installed Manual. If “index.html” doesn’t open your browser then there is something wrong.


Thx! it is able to open browser when I click on help…Does that mean that if there is no internet connection, my manual wont work?

Help > Manual in Audacity will open the Manual without an internet connection, if “Location of Manual” in the Interface Preferences is set to “Local” (which is its default setting).

Links in the Manual that are external to the document will require an internet connection. External links are shown in italics.


Thanx! It’s working! The manual is fabulous! It’s clear, easy to understand and simple to navigate around in it! You can pass this message on to the whole team who put in effort into creating it!

Thanks for the compliment. I’ll lock this topic now given there is a “clean” solution here.