Install latest Audacity yet now get refusal on wma files

Win 7 64bit pro.
Audacity 2.1.2 new install.
I have never had Audacity reject any files, …ever, now I have a win7 pc so I download latest Audacity 2.1.2 install it, open one of my wma sound files and it wont open it, says due to patent restrictions. convert to wav or aiff. What the heck ? :angry:

I have never ever had to convert anything before, what has happened to Audacity ? I have loads of wma files I edit with Audacity I have recorded using my Creative Labs XFi elite pro sound card, either ‘what u hear’ or line in 2 mic, or aux, they are all wma, loads of them…, never ever had this issue, they all open up. To have to convert everything I now open, that is just crazy, what has happened since my last audacity in win XP days ?

some new EEC ruling ? WHY IS THIS NOW ???

Its impractical to go converting all my wma’s that will double my worktime and storage needed, then how do I write them back as wma ?

After the day from hell I should have not attempted my Audacity install , left it for when the gremlins were asleep.

Is there a previous version I could revert to that will run on win 7 64bit ?


Too true, never a good idea starting something new at the end of a bad day. :wink:
OK, so you have a file that won’t open in Audacity. Is it just that one file or is it the same with all of your old WMA files that worked in the previous version of Audacity?
Do you know which version of Audacity you had previously?

If it is not stating the obvious you need to download FFmpeg 2.2.2 to import WMA files. If you previously had Audacity 2.0.5 or earlier, Audacity 2.1.2 will not work with the older FFmpeg 0.6.2 that 2.0.5 used.

Any unencrypted WMA files should then import, except 24-bit WMA Lossless.