Install Effects (f. e. MuseFX or GVST) without admin rights?

Hi forum,

is there any possibility to add effect plugins to Audacity on Windows without having to be an admin (something like a plugin directory in my home directory)? I’m a music teacher who wants to demonstrate things like auto-tune in class but it was a huge struggle (eight months of e-mails) to get our IT guys to installing Audacity on my machine so I would rather not try this again for plugins.


The GVST come as “.dll” files in a zip file, no installer, (no “.exe”).

Unzip the GVST “.dll” file(s) into …

C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2

Then when you start Audacity they should be available a real time plugins …

GVST plugins in Audacity3 -64bit VST2

If you’re not permitted to modify “Program Files\Common Files\VST2”,
here are two other places you can paste the “.dll” plugin files …

other Audcaity plugin folders

BTW, the GSNAP autotune plugin is not fully-functional in Audacity.

Thank you for the reply! I’m indeed not allowed to modify “Program Files\Common Files”. I don’t see the complete path of the other directories you showed but they look like somewhere inside the Audacity installation directory. That’s “Program Files\Audacity” and I’m not allowed to change something there either. MuseScore has the directory “Users\myusername\Documents\MuseScore4\Plugins” that I can modify so I thought there could/should something similar for Audacity.

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