Install and Use "Replaygain" in Audacity

Where do you download replaygain for audacity?
How do you install it (step by step like your explaining it to a monkey would be great)?
How do you use it on your whole library (again, no monkey business :slight_smile: )?

always what is right

There is a plug-in that is based on the ReplayGain algorithm (written by myself) but it is only really “experimental” and not very practical.

The proper “ReplayGain” has nothing to do with Audacity. It is a way of analyzing audio files to determine how “loud” they are, then adding that information to the file’s metadata. Audio players that support ReplayGain can then automatically adjust the playback volume so that tracks all play at a similar volume.

Many audio players on Linux support ReplayGain (check the documentation for your usual media player).

The “traditional” way to analyze and add the metadata on Linux is to use command line tools. “Mp3gain” for MP3 files, vorbisgain for ogg vorbis files and metaflac for Flac files,

There are also graphical programs available for analyzing and tagging, such as easymp3gain (for Gnome) and Soundkonverter (for KDE). See the relevant manuals for details of how to use them.

Thanks. Sounds like it’s not going to work for me…

You would have any suggestions on the best free software to adjust the gain of an entire library (to save the new adjusted copy in “Lossless” quality)?

I’ve never used it myself, but see the application: “normalize-audio”

Would like to give the “mix” option a shot. only if my library won’t suffer any loss in quality.

Can you step through how to do such?

What “mix” option?

The link you gives a page of information on “normalize”

A subtitle is “Options”

About half way don’t the “Options” is …

"-m, --mix Enable mix mode: see MIX MODE, below. Batch mode and mix mode are mutually exclusive. "

At the bottom of the page under “MIX MODE” reads…


"This mode is made especially for making mixed CD’s and the like. You want every song on the mix to be the same volume, but it doesn’t matter if they are the same volume as the songs on some other mix you made last week. In mix mode, average level of all the files is computed, and each file is separately normalized to this average volume. "

There you go, you know more about that than I do. I’ve never used that program.

What format are your files in - WAV ?

I’m not clear what that command-line tool does. Is it saying that it stores the gain values in ID3 tags in WAV files? Do WAV players recognise those values? If you want that program, the package is usually called normalize-audio (at least on Ubuntu).

Or you could use WaveGain for this. What distro of Linux are you on? You may be able to find a package on some distros. Otherwise, find the sources and compile it. Wavegain has a Radio mode which I think is what you want (that is, not Album mode).

Re-encoding WAV is never lossy if you encode to the same bit depth and do not add dither.