instaling guitar vst plugins how to

howdy yall I’m a super noobie to all this daws vsts I’m not great on computer at all but want to try some of the free guitar vst plugins that I have seen . I think it works by installing the plugins into the daw but I have no idea how to do that or what kinda interface I need to connct guitar to laptop or what kinda speakers to feed all this into PLEASE HELP IF AT ALL POSSIBLE WITH GETTING ME IN THAT DIRECTION THANK YALL VERY MUCH

This may not be a good match for you. Audacity doesn’t apply effects or filters in real time. The best you can do is record yourself plain and then apply effects later. We can tell you how to do that. Describe your computer.


I think the cheapest way is “a guitar to USB interface

Like Koz said , you’ll need software other than Audacity to apply effects in real-time , (i.e. where you hear the effect as you play).

I think worth mentioning that several forum users have reported problems with very cheap unbranded (and ‘knock-off’ clones) guitar interfaces of this type. From what we hear, the branded ones work OK (and are still inexpensive even if not as cheap).