'inserting' in the middle of a track

Good Afternoon.

I am working on combining two tracks: one is in a foreign language and the other is the translation of that first track. When combined, it is a very long track (11 minutes) that has a segment spoken in a foreign language followed by the translation of that same segment. I also have labels for each segment (on all tracks) to keep them easily identified between segments of each language; and I just noticed a mistake at the beginning of the combined track. What I need to be able to do in an efficient way is to “insert” a blank segment, so I can copy/paste both the corrected translation and label, while keeping all other segments and labels together. When I attempted to use the ‘sync-lock tracks’ and highlighted both the track and label regions and then ‘generate silence’, it added the silence to the track, while the corresponding labels remained in place.

How do I ‘insert’ a segment or silence, while keeping both the track and labels synced and shifting together after the point of ‘insertion’/generation/pasting, please?

Thank you.

*** EDIT: I just updated the software and tried it again and the track segments seem to be synced to the labels now. :smiley: I was fretting over having to realign the labels, as it is very time consuming, and i want to be done with this particular track after 3 days worth of work on it.

Now, I need to be able to reverse the segments so we hear the translation followed by the Arabic language segment; what is the most efficient way to do so? I have two tracks in the same file: one Arabic and one English translation, both with labels; and the combined track of Arabic followed by English.

Should I ‘highlight’ and ‘duplicate’ each segment and then use the ‘time shift tool’ for many additional tracks? There are 39 segments for each track (Ar & En). Or should I just ‘highlight’ and ‘copy/paste’ and add another label in an additional track?

How many questions?
This is very confusing for anyone trying to help. For future reference, please keep to ONE question per forum topic.

To create a space within an audio clip:

  1. Click on the audio clip at the point where you wish to insert the gap
  2. If there are multiple audio tracks, do: “Edit menu > Select > In all tracks” (shortcut Shift + Ctrl + K)
  3. “Split” the audio clip(s) “Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split” (Ctrl + i)
  4. Now click and drag a selection region across all tracks so as to cover all audio clips and labels that occur after the split point.
  5. Switch to the Time Shift tool (http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/time_shifting.html)
  6. Click insider the selected region and drag to the right.

My apologies for any confusion. And I will post the other question/s as a different forum topic.

Thank you for the explanation of inserting in the middle of a track. Since I am a novice user and am unfamiliar with the method of ‘splitting and clipping boundaries’, I will read more here: