Inserting CD skip points?

Hello everyone. Not sure if this can be done in Audacity, I have just put a 60 minute mix together of my favourite trance tracks in Wavelab Elements 9, they are not separate tracks but are crossfaded in and merged together, and the result is 1 60 minute audio file with 6 tracks within it. Is possible to insert CD skip points into the transition points of the audio file so that when I play the cd in my car CD player I can skip along to a desired track? Cheers.

Yes, but you do that with the CD burning software rather than Audacity.
To have skip points without gaps between the tracks, your CD burner (the optical drive) must support “DAO” (Disk At Once) mode.

See: Tutorial - Burning music files to a CD - Audacity Manual

You can leave it as a single-file and make a [u]cue sheet[/u]. Then use a CD burning application that supports cue sheets.

I use ImgBurn with the Write Image option, and you load-in the cue sheet and ImgBurn finds the audio file(s) from the cue sheet.

You can create/edit the cue sheet with Windows Notepad.

Yes, all that is great, but I wonder how the CD player in your car knows what to do. If you burned the crossfades into one long 60 minute performance, how does the cue sheet know how to take the fades out? I think we may be dancing around the real point of the post.

I suspect strongly the best you can do is put a song split midpoint of the fade and you get a fragment of lead fade when you skip songs while you’re on the way to the Tesco/7-Eleven. You never hear clean songs all the way through.

Someone will correct me.


Many thanks all, yes I’ve managed to do it after years of trying to find out. It seems to have split my tracks up great using the label feature in Audacity. I have Wavelab Elements 9, but cannot see a way of doing it!!! You’d have thought that would’ve been a doddle to do in there! Burnt it using the disc at once feature in my cd burning software. I found zooming in a bit of a pain in Audacity, but managed it.