Hi Guys,
New Audacity user here using W.10 Audacity 2.4.2

I am trying to insert different instruments/vocals in multiple tracks and looking for the best way to insert them with pinpoint accuracy. Can anybody assist me please? Apologies if this is covered elsewhere but if somebody could point me towards the answer that would be helpful.
Thanks in advance.

Are you wanting to “record” these instruments / vocals, or are they audio files that you want to import into Audacity?

To start with I want to record them. I already have a backing track, I just need to insert to various instruments/vocals in the correct places over it Thanks

This section in the manual (“Overdubbing”) may help you get started:
and the associated tutorial:

Note that when overdubbing, it is important to set up “Latency correction” (as described in the tutorial section).

If you need to adjust the position of an audio clip, you can drag it left / right with the Time Shift Tool.

Give it a go, and let us know how you get on. Overdubbing is a big subject so it’s likely you will have further questions once you get started.

Thanks, Steve. I certainly will and I will let you know.

I have a music track I want to insert at the beginning of my file. When I hit the Time Shift Tool I can move both tracks together, but I cant move them individually. How do I get them to move independently?

Ensure that “Sync-Lock” is not enabled (in the “Tracks” menu)
Ensure that you don’t have multiple tracks selected.

Just a further question to my original, is that I am using a Behringer Xenyx1204 mixer (am just awaiting for a Behringer UCA202 to arrive)

My original backing track was produced direct from the computer using Windows Wasapi. Now, would it be correct to say that to keep the latency to a low level that I use produce all tracks via the same source, i.e. via the mixer?


The absolute amount of recording latency is rarely important. The two important things with latency are:

  1. Monitoring latency. If you monitor from a mixer, this will be very close to zero, which is ideal.

  2. If you change to a different audio device, you will need to do the latency test again so that Audacity can apply the correct amount of latency correction to keep tracks synchronized.

Thanks for the assistance, this worked for me. I did the latency test and adjusted the values as described. Moving the accompanying tracks with the Time Shift Tool put them in the right places. Cheers.