Inserting a 3 word phrase

I need some “step by step” help. The author wants a 3-word insertion mid-way in a finished recording … “later that evening”.

How do I do that?

Do I go to the Edit Master file and do it there … and if so, HOW??? Again, step by step pls as I’m a newbie at this process

I assume then once that’s done I would export a new edit master file (v2) and a new MP3 file, also v2.

Move the cursor where you want to insert, then split the track.
Record the new audio on a separate track,
then use time-shift-tool to move the clips so it sounds as if it was done in one take.

Cross-fading tracks may be required for click-free join.

For an undetectable join you’ll need to use the same microphone, same recording location.

Thanx, but still a little confused.

Should I reload the Edit Master track and make the split there?

Do I make the new 3 word phrase on a new track … and how do I select that track?

Once i have the two tracks as you’ve shown, how do I move the phrase from the lower track to the upper one and then slide the split back together (thus adding a couple of seconds of recording time)?

Sorry to be so dense …

If you want the best quality use the master, rather than an mp3.

Add a new track and record there.

Once your multi track project sounds OK,
select all tracks, and either mix and render or mix and render to a new track.

(“Mix and render” amalgamates all the selected tracks into one track).

Once I’ve recorded the 3-word phrase on the new track, how do I fit that into the upper track … in other words, do I need to somehow extend a portion of the upper track to make room the insertion. Since the phrase is ‘later that evening’ I probably need a second or two of air time at both ends of the insertion.

So I guess my question is … how do I make room on the upper track for the insertion? I played around with splitting the track but that didn’t seem to answer my question because I couldn’t expand the track to allow for the insertion.

Time-shift tool

Fantastic … three related questions:

  1. On the upper track, do I need to make EXACT room (for instance 4 seconds) or is there a way to close any gap once I insert the new phrase.
  2. how do I slide the new phrase up from the bottom track to the upper one.
  3. Before insertion, do I ‘master’ the new clip with the same effects as the upper, to include noise reduction?

You’ve been VERY helpful … thanx

You can adjust (timeshift) the position of three clips, (before, insert, after), anytime you like before rendering.
You can “close the gap” after you’ve recorded the “later that evening” phrase.

Normally* you don’t do that. The typical way is to mix and render (amalgamate) all the tracks.
[ * you can drag clips up & down onto other tracks if you want, but that makes an undetectable repair more difficult IMO ].

If you want an undetectable repair, then yes you’ll have to process the inserted phrase the same as the master.

it’s really helpful, but I have another question, if i finished recording, then have to do a lot insertion. do i have to record the every new insertion on a new track? sorry, I’m new to audacity.