Insert Something At Beginning of Audacity File

First of all, I have Audacity 2.0.5 on Windows 7 Enterprise. (I can’t remember if I installed from an exe or not.)

I’m a newbie and have learned how to manually insert a sound file at the beginning of an audactiy file. But let’s say I have a 100 audactiy files and want to insert the exact same audio clip at the beginning of all of them. Is there a way I can script that or do it in bulk or something? Or is there some software out there that does that?

Free-software called SoX does that type of batch-processing of audio files…

What is the “something” that you want to add to the beginning? If it is “silence” or a generated sound, then you may be a suitable plug-in that you could use in a Chain ( If it’s a recording, then SoX is probably your best bet, unless you intend to put the recording onto a CD, in which case you could just insert the tracks into the CD compilation with you CD burning software.

I looked at the chains and I don’t that will work, because it seems to only work with the effects in Audacity. I don’t really want to add an effect but actually insert an external file into an existing set of files.

My purpose? I want the ability to insert ads and/or a change of intro into the beginning of my podcasts. I also would like to subtract those out and then reinsert something different if I need to.

I’ll check these out. If you have any other ideas, it’s much appreciated…