>Insering parts of recording

I have a rather specific problem, which I am solving, but I would like to find a less tiring way.
I record fairy tales for children and try to change the voice for individual characters in the story. During recording, I forget what kind of voice someone has, so I record these voices separately and then include them in the basic recording. And that’s very tiring. I’m constantly looking for the right place in the recording, I’m looking for which part of the recording goes to a certain place. Does anyone have a miracle solution for this?
I will be very grateful. Thank you.

Label track ? … Label Tracks - Audacity Manual

Maybe you could add a Label at selected points of storyline where each characters voice is to be inserted
As you record you could pause recording at insert point, press Ctrl+ M to add Label then edit label with characters name making it easier and quicker to add voices to storyline later


Thank you for your kind and quick reply. In my question, I forgot to add that I am not recording with Audacity on the computer, but with some other program on the Android tablet (problem with recording space). Then I convert the recording to wav and edit it with Audacity. In any case, your instruction for inserting labels into the recording is very valuable and if there is no other solution, I will try to record with Audacity. So far I haven’t found Audacity for Android. Is there any other option for Android? Thank you.

I found a solution. I record samples of individual people on another recorder, this is the basis for changing the voice. Quite easy and without the effort of pasting and entering individual parts of the recordings.