input volume doesn't work


Really, I’m not sure if my problem is a bug or not.

  1. My version of Audacity is 2.0.2

  2. My operating system is Windows XP

  3. I launched the programme. On the top of the screen there is a picture of microphone (input volume). I wanted to adjust input volume to zero (max to the left). But it didn’t work as the button is inactive (grey). And it is written there: “Input Volume (Unavailable; use system mixer)”. The question is why this function doesn’t work? Is there a problem with my PC or with the programme?

Thanks beforehand for your attention.
Looking forward to your answer.
Best regards

It depends on the recording device that you are using, the drivers for that device and the operating system. Some devices allow other programs (such as Audacity) to control the recording level and some do not. What are you trying to record from?

I got it!
Thank you, Steve, so much!
My recording device was Webcam, and it really controled the recording level=)

Thank you for your prompt response. I appreciate it sincerely =)