input too hot

The input from my standard mixer that works in every other format seems to be too hot for Audacity (not alot, but enough so it’s not broadcast quailty). I’ve turned the input down to 3 & the input is “line in” not microphone. What can be done. This mixer has worked perfectly over the years with mini disc format.

Keep the gain levels nice and high on the mixer, but turn down the master to reduce the output level so that your soundcard can cope. If this makes it difficult to meter the levels on the mixer, use the control room send (if your mixer has one) as the recording output. Also check if there is an output level switch on the mixer (professional audio equipment uses a higher “line level” than domestic audio equipment). If none of these options are available, you could use post-fader AUX sends (again, if your mixer has them) with the master AUX sends set to a low level.

If none of these options are available, then you may need to invest in a new soundcard. The line in on a soundcard should be able to handle line level.

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