input slider won't work

Hi, I am on a Mac and using Rhodes Mic and a Scarlett interface. When in audacity I can move the slider for how loud I hear things thur the mic, but not the input (gain). The slider is all the way up and won’t move. Any help would be appreciated.

The slider is all the way up and won’t move.

That’s normal with a digital interface. What’s supposed to happen is you set your studio and recording environment so the Scarlett volume knob turns green most of the time or for most of the work. The Scarlett considers that normal volume range and you should get good blue waves in Audacity at that setting.

Do Not let the Scarlett knob turn red. That’s an overload condition and may cause clipping damage and distortion

Nobody will be shocked if you need to run the Scarlett most or all the way up to get good volume. Home recording devices run quiet.


What’s the job, which Scarlett, and which Rode?

Overdubbing, audiobook, podcast?

Some advice changes depending on the job.


Røde and Scarlett user here.

Assuming you plugged the mic into input 1 on the front of the Scarlett, use the 1 gain knob to adjust the gain. It should flash green when you speak (occasionally yellow if you bellow).

If your Røde is an NT1A/NT1/NT2A or any of their other xlr condenser mics, you’ll need 48v on the Scarlett lit red.

For speech, around 2 o’clock on knob 1 is probably a good place to start. Lower if you’re singing. Aim for your peaks to be around the 0.5 mark on the scale to the left of the track, or just over.

(If it’s a Procaster or Podmic, then it’s a dynamic mic. You’ll need 48v off, and the gain knob probably most of the way up to achieve a decent level)

Let us know if we hit it. This is a forum, users helping each other, not a help desk.