Input of all channels from a mixer individually to Audacity


How can I get all channels of my mixer into Audacity? I connected the record out of my mixer to my computer and was able to record into Audacity but not on separate tracks. I`d like to have, for example, guitar and three voices all on separate tracks. I hope someone can understand what I mean!


I think you want to record live or in your studio, with separate track for each instrument.

Depending on type of your mixer, you have a line out for each intrument.
If not, you could use inserts (connecting ring and sleeve). You can group outputs, too.

On the side of the computer - how many inputs does your sound card have?
(I have only 2). This would be the limit for number of tracks.
(I do not know for certain if audacity can record more than two channels, but
Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O > Channels offers up to 16 to me.)
Certainly You cannot record using serveral sound cards.

Connect your outputs to the computer inputs.
(You need to care about levels if you have to use “Mic” input.)

Did that help?

Provided that the audio device (sound card) and the audio device driver support multiple inputs, then Audacity can record from multiple inputs onto separate tracks. However, Audacity can only support one recording device driver at a time, and a few multiple input sound cards use multiple drivers in order to achieve multi-channel operation - Audacity will only be able to use one instance of such a driver.

Most sound cards are limited to 2 recording channels (stereo).

Loretta, this a bit tricky: Even if the card has more than two channels, it can pretend (in Windows),
it not one device(or, driver), but more devices each with only two channels. Unfortunately, Audacity then can use
only one of them.

Nobody used the magic word “USB” in that thread. “FireWire” is a good word, too. If your multi-channel mixer claims to be able to send many different sound channels down the digital connection, then it’s possible Audacity could be able to import and use them. I don’t know of any conventional, inexpensive sound card that will capture 16 analog audio channels.

As above, Audacity will only deal with one Sound Device. So if the multi-channel mixer has appropriate software and digital output, then 16 channels is the limit.