input device cannot be selected under JAck


Im using Audacity on Puppy Slacko 531, I cannot select between inputs devices for example line/mic when Audacity is in JACK mode, it just show “system”. The workaround is to switch back to ALSA mode choose input device and then go back to JACK mode. Are other people having the same problem, the soundcard is VIA 8237.

Curiously the work around works even though Audacity doesnt show the input that matches JACK. For example selecting MIC hw0,0 works, even thought JACK is set to input hw0,1. (in screenshot JACK is set to hw0,0)

These are not issues known to me ( see ) .

Does your Creative Card that works properly exhibit these issues?


That is correct.
When using Jack Audio System, the audio system needs to be configured to use the device that you require, then Jack provides “sockets” for inputs/outputs.
The default sockets are the “system” inputs and outputs, which will be however you have configured Jack. Audacity is allocated input and output sockets on demand by Jack, as are other Jack aware applications. For example, if you run Hydrogen drum machine, Jack provides sockets for Hydrogen, and the input device choices in Audacity will be “system” or “Hydrogen”.

Here you can see the outputs from Hydrogen connected to both “system” (the sound card) and to “portaudio” (Audacity).
Audacity was set to use Hydrogen as the input (recording) device and then when recording was started Jack created the “portaudio” sockets for Audacity and connected them to the Hydrogen output sockets.

Thanks for the answer. I though configuring Jack may have something to do with it. The trouble is I configure the input to Mic in ALSA mode first and this works, but only for a while. Will investigate if I can configure JACK to default to Mic. :sunglasses:

Thanks, Steve. I added a note about having to pre-configure the system device to .