Input and Output on Macbook

I’m using a Macbook Pro connected to a Peavey USB6 and have successfully recorded using Audacity 2.0. However, recently I’ve somehow reconfigured and cannot hear through my headset that is connected directly to the Peavey headset outlet. In Audacity I have the Mic set to USB Audio Codec and the Speakers set to USB audio codec, which is how it was set when it worked fine last week. I can record successfully but I cannot hear myself through the headset while recording.
The whole thing is baffling but here’s the most baffling: when I open Preferences - Sound I have tabs for Output and Input and Sound Effects (I’m using Lion 10.7.4). It show the USB Codec as output in the output tab.
Output in Preferences.jpg
When I click on the Input Tab, it also indicates that the USB Codec is Output. In other words, it says USE AUDIO PORT FOR: Sound Output.
Input In Preferences.jpg
If I change the input back to output and then switch back to the Output Tab, that has been changed to Sound Input too.
Wow, I hope someone out there understands this. It’s terribly hard to explain but I hope the JPGs help.
All suggestions are welcome and appreciated.


The only way to hear what you’re doing while you’re recording is to have one of the Playthrough settings checked in Audacity Preferences, Recording. I use Software Playthrough.

I remember looking this up and this mixer did not allow headphone mixing at the mixer itself. You got it to work once?

I’m expecting the headphone signal to be a little late. Is it?


Up until yesterday it worked fine and I could hear everything through the headphones. There was a very slight delay but hardly noticeable. I’ll check the Audacity Preferences again tomorrow and see if that helps. Thanks for the quick reply.


If I wanted to start from scratch and ditch the Peavey USB 6, is there a setup that would allow me to monitor the mic during the recording process?


Past trying to get yours to work, and I’m not willing to admit it’s hopeless, yes, I wrote pieces of the overdubbing tutorial. There’s a little voice in my head that keeps insisting if you can’t get this to work, you may not be able to get any of the others to work either. They all run on basically the same connection technology.

Those first three examples allow you to do “perfect” overdubbing. You hear in your headphones a perfect, theatrical mix, exactly like the audience would hear. No delays or other distortions.

Since you already have a Peavey mixer, you might just use the analog outputs and add a Behringer UCA202.

See, this is where that little voice pipes up and says, “He already has a USB connection. This should work…”


The manual says:

(12) Tape/USB To Ctrl/HP
Depressing this switch adds the tape return to the Control Room and Headphone Outputs (28) for zero latency monitoring.

In Audacity:

Software Playthrough should NOT be selected (Transport menu)
Overdub SHOULD be selected (Transport menu)
Input + Output both set to USB in the Device Toolbar.

Steve and Koz,
Steve your suggestion fixed it but in a way you might not have guessed. The buttons on this mixer are push in and it’s hard to tell when they’re pushed. So, I’ve been trying to make this work when the Tape/USB to Ctrl/HP has been pushed in. I took it off and recording with Audacity with output and input set to USB Codec, I can monitor the recording without ANY latency. That, of course is what I wanted. When I playback the the recording from Audacity I have to push in the Tape/USB to Ctrl/HP button to listen.
I’m learning something each day; as a complete newb to this, there are challenges. However, you guys and this forum are immensely helpful. Thanks for being there.