Inherent split clips within a track

32bit Windows XP 2gb RAM
Audacity 2.0.5

Many times in song creation I have the need to insert silence within a given track to move a part of the track a little further down the timeline to line up specifically where I want it within the song. Typically I will just select an amount of existing silence, copy it, then paste at the start of the area I want to scoot down (this is just a quick way to do it). But, in doing so, Audacity automatically creates a clip within the track with the dark clip lines at each end of the clip. In order to get rid of the clip lines and remove the clip I typically will just click on an individual clip line which will then remove the line and merge the clip to the track. However, many times this causes Audacity to crash for some reason. Then I have to restart Audacity, “Recover” the song, and Save. Usually I’ll then shut Audacity down again and restart just to make sure there are no pending issues.

I do understand that Audacity has time-shifting functionality but the method I’m using is quick and simple…at least for me.
But why does it crash when clicking the clip line and merging the clip to the track?
Is there a way to stop Audacity from creating a clip when copying and pasting?

You can Generate > Silence instead.

Try drawing a selection that extends beyond the left and right edge of the clip then Edit > Clip Boundaries > Join.

We don’t know - it mostly doesn’t happen but there could be a small single sample clip that got created somewhere. You could post the AUP file if you like. Please see here for how to attach files: .

Generally pasting doesn’t produce split lines. If you paste at the start or end of a clip or track, a split line will be produced where you paste.