Information booket for Memorex turntable

I am a new registered used to this site and this is my problem.
I purchased a Memorex ubs turntable while living in New Mexico but have recently moved that item to my home in Arkansas.
In the move I did not get my instruction booklet or the CD for installation of the Audacity for my computer.
So I am wondering how I can purchase the booket for the Memorex turntable and the CD for my computer. I am new at this
but am anxious to get started as I have some old homemake audio that my grandmother made in 1956 on a home machine that cut
on a aluminum disc and would like very much to hear them. If someone can direct me to an address or web site to get this information
I would appreciate it. Thank you, Edith Penner

We probably can’t help you with the information booklet for Memorex turntable. (have you tried contacting the store where you bought it from, or searching Google?)
For instructions with Audacity, I’d highly recommend that you download the latest beta version (currently Audacity 1.3.12) from the Audacity web site:

The Audacity manual is included in the Audacity Help menu and on-line here:

See also the “Tutorials” (see link at top of page or directly below my post) as there are tutorials specifically for people using Audacity with USB turntables.

As your post has nothing to do with phpBB (the forum software) I’ll move it to the “Recording Equipment” section.

Most brands have the manuals for their equipment in pdf format freely available for download from their websites… have you searched memorex website? You could also try to email their customer care service asking for it.