Inexperienced w/ Audacity 2.0.6. Need Help!


I’ve been trying many techniques without luck and hoping an expert here can help out.
Trying to remove the drum beat from the attached audio track, but also turn up the volume as much as possible for use in Game Maker 2.

amplify = (seems to turn up volume, but also create static)
leveler = (seems to also turn up volume)
bass/treble = (does not remove drum part)
vocal remover = (did remove drum on different version of audacity, but now does not).

Do I need to update audacity version?
If you could, please add any other ways I can easily improve this track…I am not skilled!
Can you help advise me how to remove the drum banging, yet also turn up the volume quite a bit?

Thank you!

Select “remove center” rather than “vocal remover”, as the latter does not act on bass frequencies below 120Hz.
Even then that removal technique only works on certain pieces of music: it depends how they was recorded,
(not dependent on the version of Audacity).

One option is to use a multi-band compressor plugin, to compress the bass frequencies (<300Hz) only.

Is this the wrong Audacity version? 2.0.6 doesn’t have Vocal Reduction and Isolation. 2.0.6 Vocal Remover only has Remove Vocals option.


instead of this response, you could have noted the version in which to find his fix solution or possibly added some helpful advice on the subject matter as it would apply to 2.0.6.

Regardless of this specific problem, you should update Audacity. The 2.0.6 version is ancient. The current version is available via the Audacity website: Audacity ® | Downloads

I don’t recall the details for Audacity 2.0.6, but:

Old versions had an effect called “Vocal Remover”. (see:
In more recent versions of Audacity, an additional effect called “Vocal Reduction and Isolation” was added. (see: Vocal Reduction and Isolation - Audacity Manual)

It is very rare that either effect will completely “remove” vocals, but some degree of “reduction” in vocals is often possible, depending on the source material. The manual describes the differences between the two effects.