Increments of the time scale zoom

I often use the horizontal zoom, but most of the time I need smaller increments in zooming in and out.

I believe that the fixed increment is a double/half of the current scale, which in most cases (at least for me) is not helpful, as I most often need about 20-25% up or down and when the scale jumps to a double I lose the view of my selection or I see too much of it when it shrinks by 50%.

Zoom is an important tool for me as I evaluate my audio file visually as much as auditorily (just made up this word). I need to see it as much as hear it.

I didn’t find any value set zoom tool which is a standard zoom in most applications - e.g. from 10% to 200%.

Could you possibly include this improvement in your next update - it would be very helpful.


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An easy way to zoom to a specific time region:

  1. Click and drag on the part of the waveform that you want to view.
  2. “Ctrl + E” (or “View menu > Zoom > Zoom to Selection”)

that’s not what I’m talking about or seeking to achieve.

I need control over zooming IN and OUT by percentage or any other incremental value which is less than double/half

Ctrl + Mouse Wheel

now, THAT works

thank you!

well, it works, but even using my mouse the increments are still large, pretty much the same as in Audacity zoom function, which is I believe 25%.

When I need to zoom in or out, I need to this for the whole track, not a selection.

Could you include a standard zoom function where one can select the percentage?


“Ctrl + F” zooms to the whole project.

There’s already a lot of options for zooming, so I think it’s unlikely that the developers will want to add more. See also:

yes, there many zoom options, except that they are all missing what I’m looking for - smaller increments/more precision of less than 25% jumps.

that’s fine, thanks.