Increasing volume gradually


I wanted to make an alarm tone that would have its volume increasing from silence or almost silence to the maximum level (of original file characteristics).
I apologize, if this question is trivial, but I’m a total noob. Although I tried do work that out myself, unfortunately with poor results.

File is .ogg, it’s 28 sec long, it would be good to do a file with track repeated twice in it, with sound increasing from the beginning to the end of those two tracks combined.

I will be grateful for any help.

Amplify to 0db first, to make it as loud as possible, then use fade in, (or envelope tool).

Thank you. I tried fade in earlier, but it makes only small part at the beginning quieter, so I abandoned this effect. Also I didn’t use Amplify. Now I tried Adjustable Fade and this might be it.

Did you select enough long? You can choise how long you want the fade in to last.

Select all the track, then apply fade-in,
the effect will be applied to all of the selected audio, not just a “small part at the beginning”.