Increasing the volume of one voice in a recorded call

I tried to read thru some of the forum questions that seemed to apply to the issue I have but alot of it was over my head…I’ve never worked w/ editing or adding effects to audio before so as far as frequencies, minimums, maximums, gigahertz, thingamajigs…I’m lost.
I have some phone calls recorded that when played, one of the voices can barely be heard. I can be heard clearly
The problem isn’t on all of the recordings or thru entire recordings, sometimes they start off fine, then go bad and visa versa.
I was hoping converting the files and playing them on my laptop would take care of the problem but it didn’t.
I’ve read thru the FAQ’s and like I said, tried to muttle thru the forum topics but reading some of the topics made me feel kinda retarded…
What effect, if any, can I use to make the other voice louder w/out distorting my voice?
I’m using Windows 7
The calls range from as short as 3 minutes and as long as 2 hours but I don’t necessarily need to ‘fix’ the entire file…just short portions of the files, the longest being 1.5 minutes, if that.
Any help would be appreciated.
If I haven’t given enough information, let me know.
And remember, talk S-L-0-W-L-Y and use small words…I’m justalayWOman

Provided the voices are never speaking at the same time you could try using the Envelope tool. See here: This will allow you to either lower the volume of your voice or raise the volume of the other voice depending on which way you think it might work best. If you are not sure, take a copy of one of your recordings and try it out on that copy.

Envelope Tool is how to do it word by word through the whole conversation. It’s not a ‘push one button and go home’ solution. It’s weeks of work. There’s no good way past that to even out a phone call, or any show where one voice is almost gone. That qualifies as a bad capture and you get to start over. In video this would be applying the “Reshoot Filter.”

Even if you do get the envelope tool to work, the soft Far Voice is going to be very noisy and distorted if it works at all.

We went for a long time on the forum with someone who use the “Personal Recorder” on their cellphone to try to record both sides. It didn’t work. The Personal Recorder only capture the owner’s voice plus the slightest, tiny bit of the far voice from accidental leakage. We were not able to help them and we can’t really help you.