increasing input volume

How do i Increase the input volume when recording vinyl to an Audacity file? After I convert the Audacity file to an MP3 then import to iTunes the volume is really low. The input button on audacity says " unavailable use system mixer". I don’t know what that is. Any suggestions? thanks. Thomas

As it says in red above “If you require help using Audacity, or think you have found a “bug”, please post on the forum board relevant to your operating system”.

On Windows, try right-clicking over the speaker icon by the system clock and looking for the recording device you are using. On Mac, try “Sound” in System Preferences.

If there is no system slider (likely the case for a USB turntable on Mac), turn the output of the turntable or amplifier/interface up instead. USB turntables often have a gain knob on the underside.

If you need more help, please us give us some more information to go on - operating system (for example, Windows Vista), what type of turntable it is and how it connects to the computer.


Hello Gale,

I have a MAC OS X system and the turntable is a SONY PS-LX300USB that i bought to transfer vinyl to my computer. It is connected with a USB cable. There is no knob underneath the turntable. I’m sorry if i listed this in the wrong area. Is there a way to transfer my question to the right area or do i need to start over–thanks,


On Mac, the system cannot affect the volume of the audio received via a USB connection. After recording, do click and pop removal if necessary, the use Effect > Amplify to maximize the peak level of the recording before exporting to MP3.

– Bill

thanks Bill, It improved it but is not as loud as a cd, maybe i’m expecting too much. On the amplifier, it will only allow me to go up so high even though there are higher limits.


I do get a system slider on OS X 10.7.4 for a USB sound card with line, mic and S/PDIF inputs, but not with a USB mic or USB turntable. Perhaps the restriction is with single input USB devices?


CD’s often sound “loud” because they are dynamically compressed to reduce the difference between loud and soft. If you want that, you can try it with Effect > Compressor.

Does the Mac have a line-in, and the turntable have cables with red/white connectors for connecting to speakers? If so. you can buy an RCA to TRS stereo adaptor and connect to the computer that way (set the USB turntable’s phono/line switch to line). You will then be able to control the input level.