Increase the volume of the voice

Hi, I have an audio track where there are some voices, one is heard at a lower volume as it was far from the microphone, I tried with the “amplify” function to increase the volume of the voice section in question a little but the result not so good, does anyone have any advice to improve the volume and quality of lower voices as they are far from the microphone? Can you give me a guide about it?

If it’s a conversation where the voices are at different volumes,
there is an Audacity plugin called “LevelSpeech2.ny” which will even them out.

It’s just selectively amplifying the quieter voices, it won’t correct the roominess of a distant voice.

[ Levellator is a stand-alone alternative].

Hi, thanks, where do you download the plugin? Then how do you install it in Audacity?
So this plugin levels the volume of the voices but the quality of the lower voices being far from the microphone doesn’t improve right?

I saw, I downloaded them, but the levelator does not support mp4 format so you must first convert to wav, the plugin instead I installed it in audacity by going to tools and then import, but now where should I view it? In fact I don’t see it?

Correct: The echo-y & bassier quality of the voice far from the mic is unchanged,
LeveLSpeech2 just makes the volume of the quiet voice louder.

You need to enable plugins in the plugin manager before they appear in the Nyquist effects list.

Hi, I managed to install it from “tools” and then “Nyquist Extensions Installation” panel
I tried but I get a better result with “the levelator”
If I understand correctly, if the voice recorded at the start was far from the microphone, when you go to amplify it to increase the volume you lose quality right? The volume I see that increases but not intelligibility and clarity of the voice.

Leveller/levelator do not improve or diminish quality: they just reduce the variations in volume.
When the quiet voice is amplified so are its unwanted properties like noise & room-reverb.

In practice it is never possible, having a microphone that records two voices, and one is close and the other far away, to have the far one, after leveling, that feels as sharp as the one recorded up close right?