Increase Tempo Gradually Overtime

I’m looking to increase the tempo of songs overtime. I have figured out how to change the tempo, but only using the the edit tab. As well, the tempo is increased by a constant for the whole song, and I am looking to make it increase linearly overtime. I don’t think there is a quick tool to do this, and I have no idea how the Nyquist editor works to do such a thing. I have had some experience with Matlab, which uses a system of coding that looks similar to some things I’ve seen online, so I might understand some things if you can give me some instructions.

I’m just looking to increase it with a function similar to Y = T + M*t
where “M” is the rate of increase in tempo;
“t” is time(s);
“T” is the original tempo of the song;
“Y” is the increased tempo

I think a 5% increase per minute is a good starting point.
If anybody has ever played “Boom Boom Rocket” for the Xbox 360, I am aiming for an effect similar to the Endurance Mode, where the song gets faster as you progress.

Could anybody help start me off in the right direction or give me a code that I can try learn from?

Thanks to all who respond!

Please don’t double-post. It confuses things for those who want to help you, and won’t get your question answered any faster.

See my answer to your other post.