Increase silince interval in a track.


I would like to convert an mp3 audio of a normal speech into a dictation speech style.

Into this audio the only sound is produced by a person who talks aloud in a normal speed, like if you are reading a book aloud.

Of course this person needs to breath, so there are pauses during the speech between sentences or words.

I’d like to increase the duration of these pauses.

To do it manyally is a long job.

There’s a way to ask Audacity: “Ehy, take a look to the Wave of this track. In some part of it nobody is talking, so the sound level is almost 0. Ok, all the parts of the track where the sound level is lesse than 0.5 for example, please make this part longer the double, x2, or maybe less, x1,25, but don’t touch the rest of the track where the speaker is talking”.

Thanks a lot, please sorry for my English, I’ve tried my best.

There’s a “Trim/Extend” plug-in here:

That is a “Nyquist Plug-in”.
Installation instructions:

Thank you very much Steve for your reply.

A really useful page also for other purpose.