Incomplete downloading with File > Open

I use Audacity 2.1.2 with Windows 7. The problem is opening an MP.3 file for editing.
In files of longer than 2 hours duration, only half of the contents gets downloaded for editing.

How much longer?

MP3 files are misleading. Audacity doesn’t edit MP3.

The first thing that Audacity does is decompress the MP3 and convert it to a very high quality file format. So your tiny, convenient MP3 file turns into an enormous digital show. Do you have room for about a GB per hour or more? Audacity is going to start creating whole-show UNDO files, too and they’re exact copies. Audacity has to put it all somewhere.


That shouldn’t happen with an MP3.

There is a limit to WAV files (2GB or 4GB) and you can get “random” playing times with larger files, but most other audio formats don’t have a file size limit (and most other formats are compressed, so they are also smaller).

Maybe it’s not really an MP3? Is it REALLY named MP.3?

What’s the file size and playing time? (The file size and playing are not proof, but they might be a clue.

As a work-around, try converting to FLAC with [u]TAudioConverter[/u], and then open the FLAC in Audacity.