Incompatible Plugins found Error -NI-/aufx/NI$

Hi there,

I’ve searched this forum for similar error messages but was unable to resolve the issue. After 2 releases of the “revamped” Audacity, I am still presented with this problem. I have tried to delete all the configuration files and start with a fresh install of Audacity, but to no avail.

Currently on 3.4.0 (hoping it would alleviate the issue but it did not).

I am on an M1 Mac (Macbook Air and Mac Studio Ultra are having this identical message)

The letters -NI- in this plugin identificator seem to point towards Native Instruments plugins.

Can we please have an option to completely turn off the VST engine, I have no use for it in my workflow, thanks.

I am sure you mean 3.4.0.

Please add your vote for this issue here: Add an option to disable plugin scanning at start up · Issue #4923 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

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