Incompatible plugin(s) found! help

I was upgrading to 3.3 and upon install this message popped up. I’m not sure what it means and how to fix. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

appl/aufx/vois/Apple: AUSoundIsolation

I am on a new iMac with M1 chip

So you can ignore the error. When Audacity first starts up, it catalogs all of the available sound processing plugins on your machine. This message simply informs you that you have a plugin by that name but it won’t work with Audacity for some reason. It doesn’t affect anything else.

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Ok perfect. Thank you for helping because I was lost. As a lament, can you explain what the plugin is used for and why Mac wouldn’t have it? Is it a common plugin that I need to get?

I found this:

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