Inaudible wave in an MP3 stereo track

If I can work out how to paste an image I will do so.
This morning I opened up an audio-book to inspect it (downloaded from YouTube). There is the usual introduction “This Audio book is published by blah-blah-blah”, then the traveling cursor skips over about one second of wave before continuing " blah-blah-blah …".
No sound is audible to my ears while the little squiggle is traversed.

My first thought is that the skinny waveform is some sorts of Digital Rights Management or a signature to assist in tracking copyright violations.

My second thought is that ANY wave that shows up in Audacity ought to make some kind of noise. I am used to seeing “clicks” and similar Milli-second like sharp peaks.

Without belabouring the issue of Copyright I’d be interested in your comments.
Thanks, Chris

You may not be able to hear it, (it’s going to be sub-bass, <50Hz),
but it will show up on the spectrogram

If not a glitch, possibly due to blowing on the microphone.

What he said.

What was the sound just before and just after that disturbance? Someone taking a breath? Smacking the microphone with the sleeve of their shirt?

How are you listening? This is where you use your good quality wired headphones…

Another option is a wide-band shelf speaker system with sub-woofer.

Can you hear the Nebula Studios opening theme?

That should shake your wine glass. That’s same tone as a 16 foot cathedral organ pipe. So yes. Real world sounds do happen down there.


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