Inaudible sound


I recorded a training and unfortunately, the software recorded the sound from the sound card and from the speaker.
I have been trying a couple of hours this morning to follow some tutos to get a corrected file with Audacity, which I never used before.

Unfortunately, everything I have been trying (reducing noice, duplicate the track - in mono / Invert …) and just failed. I don’t expect a perfect audio but at least get a proper sound to understand the speaker, as the recording last 2 hours.

Here attached a sample of it ; if someone can tell me if something is possible and to do it ?

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If the person is speaking English, then it’ so badly mangled that it is probably unrecoverable.

Audacity can’t separate different voices in a mixed show. We can’t do it with voices and we can’t do it with musical instruments.

If I had to guess at it, I would say someone tried to record both the microphone and the computer speaker sound at the same time and damaged a meeting voice control system. If you have to do that again, let the meeting software record the voices and leave your computer alone. Both Skype and Zoom can do that and I think others can, too.

If you’re trying to record a hands-free meeting, a good method is set your phone on the table between the computer and you. Run a voice recorder app. It works best in a quiet room, but it’s a good bet the result will be better than what you have, and you will get both sides of the conversation.


Yes, it’s a French meeting, with a following 2h presentation.

Anyway, too bad, I hoped Audacity could do something.

Thanks guys for your answers.


Only thing you can really do is, filter it (low pass at about 2KHz),
compress it (4:1 ratio, attack 40mS, release 100mS)
and slow it down by 10% or so.

Mon français est terrible…but at least now I can understand a few words,
where as before, it was just “garbled noise”.

It will never be perfect, or anything close to it, but maybe the steps above will just give
you a bit of an edge in trying to understand what is being said.