Inability to convert .MP3 to .MID

Have very recently installed the app and am very confused with what I had assumed would be a simple, specific task: Convert .mp3 to .mid which I require in order to transport to Yamaha Clavinova using Yamaha’s MusicSoft Downloader. But my copy of Audacity, 2.3.0, has File/Export/Midi grayed out. I also checked the manual, but the word ‘MIDI’ does not appear in it. Finally, various online resources seem to have workarounds that, however, have File menu options that do not appear in my copy.

If there is a solution, please let me know.


That’s not as easy as you think and Audacity as VERY limited MIDI capabilities.

There are applications the MAY be able to do it, depending on the complexity of the MP3. Google “audio to MIDI”.

Going the other way around (MIDI to audio) is an everyday thing for a MIDI application. (Audacity can’t do it.)

If you are a musician (or if you know a musician) and you have a MIDI keyboard it would be a LOT easier to play the part(s) and capture the MIDI into a MIDI program. Then if necessary, you can use your MIDI software to make edits/corrections.

Not a simple task at all. “.MP3” is an audio format. “.MID” is not audio, it is a list of (MIDI) commands.
MIDI commands are like a computer version of a musical score.

There is at least one program that can convert audio to MIDI quite accurately. It’s called “Melodyne” and it sells for around $700. Some other programs can also do it, but not usually as accurately, such as Logic Pro X (around $200), WIDI ($59 to $199), and others (Search engines are your friends).

Thanks for the helpful responses. Well, I got severely misdirected by CNET and some other site that placed Audacity #1 on apps specifically for mp3 to midi! Since most of the music I want on the electronic piano are by serious professionals, the direct way someone here suggested will not work.
So with this clarified, can anyone suggest a desktop app that would allow me to import mp3-formatted jazz that I could then use to pentatonic improv over with a sax? Key, however, is the ability to down-tempo the songs as I build my own expertise.
Thanks again to all!