Inability of Audacity to accept USB Audio USB signal

I was a happy Audacity user using an older Intel chip Mac mini (2010) fed by a 3.5 mm audio cable into the line input of the mini. This came out of the pre-amp of my receiver taking its input from my Sony turntable (RCA output from a ceramic pickup). I don’t remember the MacOS being used but it was updated as far as was supported by Apple at the time. Everything was working beautifully, happily ripping vinyl and audio CD. Then the mini HD crashed and I was faced with an upgrade. Of course I jumped to the newest Mac mini which was now with the M2 processor but different layout. Specifically, a USB interface instead of line input for audio. My new USB connection to the M2 mini was made with a USBPhono Plus project Series interface device taking the signal from the receiver Pre-amp as before.

I was careful to go looking for the latest driver available for the M2 mini. I was directed first to the 2.4.2, then 3.3.2 and finally the 3.4.2 drive with all indications they could handle the new M2 unit.

Now, the Immediate problem I had was that, regardless of the Mac OS driver used, although I was getting the signal indicated as coming into the M2 mini, the signal was not indicated as being received by Audacity.I have played with all options offered in the Transport Options, all using the USB Audio CODEC rout but nothing is working for me.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a software compatibility problem here?

I’m a Windows guy, but check your security settings. (It might be considered to be a “microphone”.)

It shouldn’t be a driver problem since you are getting a signal, and the USB Phono Plus is Class Compliant and it works with the Apple-supplied drivers.

System settings / Sound / Input - select the right source. Maybe, you need to do this also in Audacity / Audio settings.

Thanks for the response. I have tried every option and combination of Input/output options both in Systems and in Audacity - nothing, no signal getting through. What now?

As per Mactracker, the Mac mini 2010 has “3.5-mm analog/optical input jack”, which means you may need to set it to act as “sound input” in the System settings / Sound for the correct connection medium. Or you may need to do this in “”. What macOS do you use? The Mini of 2010 can max. macOS X 10.13; I only have computers running Monterey (macOS 12) and Sonoma (macOS 14)…

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