in Windows 10 JACKrouter device missing

Hi, In Windows 10 with JACK installed and JACKd running, there is no option to select Jackrouter (ASIO). Some other apps can see it (Sibelius is swotched on it and working), but I was not able to find any way to connect AUDACITY. In Devices in Audacity, there is no any option to see Jackrouter as option.

here is screenshot what I mean:

Any idea?

Look in the “Host” (Hostitelsky pocitac) options to see if Jack is listed.
Note that Audacity opens and closes its ports on demand (ports are opened when play/record is started, and closed when playback stops), so Audacity’s ports are only visible while transport is active.

Here is some information about using Jack in Audacity on Linux:

OK, Please there no Jack in Host. There is only 3 options:
Windows DirectSound
Windows WASAPI.

This is, what I mean, there is not possible to pick a JACK.

Used JACK is latest
Installer for Windows 64 bit (Vista, Windows 7): JACK 1.9.10.

here screenshot::


Audacity on Windows does not support JACK (or ASIO) unless you compile Audacity specially with that support.

If you compiled Audacity with JACK support then JACK would be a separate host choice. If you compiled Audacity with ASIO support then ASIO would be a separate host choice.

However you don’t need both if you have JACK for Windows installed because JACK itself supports ASIO.

If you want to compile Audacity with JACK support, do so by defining the JACKSDK_DIR environment variable as described at I have no idea if that compilation with JACK still works, but feel free to try it.


OMG. Please, Please, I NEVER compiled ANYTHING under windows. 10 Years ago, my only experience was with Gentoo Linux, where are from start available all needed tools in system workaround, with many mighty scripts preinstalled for maximum user comfort. I fear I’m not able go thru all needed stuff quicker then after cca 3 months. This is impossible for me, I have 3 small children and horny musicband leader behind my neck, I have no chance to do this. Is anywhere some alternative build tree of the AUDACITY with JACK support for windows, - Or, just if someone can and want - can anyone do this for me, compile AUDACITY for win with JACK support, and place it to somewhere to the internet?

THX for reply…

As far as I’m aware, Windows 10 is not officially supported by Jack (until recently, the Jack website described the Windows port of Jack as “experimental”).
For obvious reasons we are not able to officially support unofficial builds of Audacity (though we try to help where we can).
Is there a reason why you can’t either:

  • Dual boot Linux on your computer (Audacity is built with Jack support on Linux by default, and is available for easy installation from the repositories of most Linux distributions).
  • Use an audio editor that support ASIO by default.
  • Use MME, Direct Sound or WASAPI.