In WAY over my head

Hi there!

I have no idea what I’m doing really! I bought a Behringer set-up and have always used Audacity so I figured I’d take a shot at following the instructions on the wiki, but I was completely lost as I’ve never done any sort of coding before and I’m certainly no developer. The only youtube video that talks about compiling asio4all in audible is literally a guy saying “wow that seems tough, good luck” pretty much.

I hate asking for help, and tried to use these 3 threads as possible solutions to my pain:

However, I’m apparently unable to get Windows Visual Studio 2017 without a subscription, so I’m stuck with 2019, thus the CMD code and the pdf were a little unhelpful. I’m really unsure of what to do and am hoping there’s a kind soul out there that’ll give me a hand.


Have you tried registering for a free Microsoft developer account?

Okay that worked! Awesome. Now I’m going to try a solution that the wonderfully kind Steve Lee proposed on Github. Will keep y’all posted!


So I got some guidance from Steve Lee again in the second link that I shared (if you’re here Steve, thank you!). The steps I’ve followed thus far, verbatim as he described them are:

install Visual Studio 2017
open a windows cmd terminal
mkdir and cd to C:\projects
run the git clone commands manually (I guess they could be added to the script but I left it flexible)
Unzip ASIO to C:\projects\ASIOSDK
save the script as build-audacity.cmd and run it

I should mention that since I’ve never saved a script before, I just took copy pasted the script into windows cmd rather than saving it and running it. If that’s where I goofed, then that’s a relief because that’s easily fixable.

Here’s what happened when I did copy paste it, though:
A lot of things that I don’t understand!

Most significantly though:
MSBUILD : error MSB1009: Project file does not exist.
Switch: audacity.sln

If anyone can assist, I’d really appreciate it. I’m unemployed right now due to corona but I’d be happy to write you a song or something. :slight_smile: