In v3.4, how to set tempo without changing the recording?

Q: In v3.4, is there a way to identify set the tempo for the tracks / music I already in a project without actually changing the tempo?

Background: I was really looking forward to using new the features of v3.4 to align tracks to measures/bars, etc.

When I open a project I am working on, the tempo is set to 120 (by default). If I change it to 84 (the actual tempo of the recorded music), Audacity performs a tempo change for the entire project. A similar issue happens if I copy a clip from another project.

I downgraded to 3.3.3 which didn’t work (long story and for another topic). Meanwhile I can’t really use Audacity. :frowning:


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Yes, I see your dilemma and I’m not sure what the designer’s solution is.

Until they post, I believe you were on the right track. Load the project in 3.3.3 and change the tempo from 120 to 84. Save the project from 3.3.3, exit, then start up 3.4.0 and load it. Warning: Be sure to double-check the Audacity version each time with Help > About Audacity.

Older versions of Audacity (including 3.3.3) can be downloaded from here: Old Audacity versions download

I think you have to set the tempo before adding the audio.

If you have recorded something and then decide that you need to change the tempo:

  1. Export the recording
  2. Open a new project window
  3. Set the required tempo
  4. Import the audio that you saved in step 1.

If there’s a more sensible way to change the tempo setting without modifying the audio, it isn’t obvious to me and I haven’t found it.

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@steve: Your suggestion looks simple enough and I should have thought of it! Will also try a simple copy & paste from old project / wrong tempo to empty project / correct tempo.

@jademan: The suggestion to keep installing and uninstalling different versions would just take a tremendous amount of time, across multiple projects.

Thank you both!

Update: Copy / paste did not work as it also changed the tempo. I have no workaround other than go back to v3.3.3.

Update #2: Exporting the project also did not work (so far) as exporting complete projects no longer works at all. I entered all the parameters and click “Export” and, on first try, it crashed and second try, absolutely nothing happened. Just a blank stare back from Audacity. Only option was to click cancel. I haven’t yet tried other forms of export (e.g., to MP3, etc.)

Exporting should work, but the new Export dialog may be a bit confusing at first.

If your project has just one track, then you need to select “Entire Project” (and carefully check every other item in the Export dialog) : Export Audio - Audacity Manual

If your project has multiple tracks, then you will need to select the “Multiple Files” option and “Split files based on: Tracks” (and carefully check every other item in the Export dialog): Exporting multiple audio files - Audacity Manual

When changing the tempo in v3.4 I would even recommend to open a new project before working with the new tempo (as long as you don’t want to change the speed of an existing audio track). In my small experience with the new version, only in that case the tempo grid is in line with a new created rhythm track.