Improve sound clarity of electric guitar in downloaded song?

I am attempting to fix an uploaded song that was horribly recorded from a video and posted on youtube. I amplified it, added bass and treble, and compressed it, and mostly fixed it.
However, for the love of Zeus, I can not fix the electric guitar clarity. It sounds utterly compressed compared to the first 30 seconds.
Explaining this in words is not simple, so I will link the original video, and a video in which this has already been fixed.

The time stamps for both video are 0:33 seconds, when the guitar segment begins. Compare the two.

How on Earth do I make it sound like that? And yes, the original video was used to make the remastered one, I confirmed that.

I just know a certain setting in Effect was used, as I recognize it from other modifications I did years back, but I just can’t figure out which one.

Any help here would be appreciated. Is it even possible to do anything with the original file, or am I better off finding the original video and recording it myself, and then editing the recorded file?

Well, the equalizer (top end) fixed it a bit. The source is too low quality to make it sound perfect.