Improve remaining Windows Explorer pop-ups

It’s been a while since I used Audacity and the first thing that bothers me and strikes me as out-of-date is the explorer windows that are used when

  • Importing Clips
  • Saving Projects
  • Opening Projects.

The new update to exporting in 3.4.2 (or maybe it was before then) recently replaced the explorer window used when exporting with the one I would expect:

It’s using a standard explorer with the complete “Quick Access” area on the left, and the path at the top (“D:\Audio\Path\Path.…”) can be copied or replaced, allowing for quick windows navigation.

On the other hand, Saving/Importing/Loading use a limited-functionality explorer which is missing the ability to interact with the path/address text box.

Normally I’d browse through some sound banks in explorer, and when I find one it might be in a deep file-path. It would be nice when importing if I could just copy + paste that file-path into importer window to navigate there faster.

You have defined the sub-sub-…-folder “LeatherConcrete” in your export options.
If you do not change it, the file will be saved there - you can check this in the top line of the explorer window.
If you don’t want to “see” the other directories, you could hide the left column of the explorer windows somewhere in the settings for the explorer.

I think you might have my post a bit confused, I included the screenshot of the better explorer window with the side bar and fully editable path bar at the top, which are things I like.

To clarify the other operations (such as importing) use this other style of explorer, which don’t allow editing of the path or the full quick-access display (in windows 10 at least)

This is definitely known and something we’d want to do the next time these systems get touched. In the case of exporting, it had some priority as it needed a lot of disentangling of UI and functionality done. I’m not sure if import and save have a similar issue.

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