Impossible to Work With Multiple Projects?!?

There doesn’t seem to be a way to import Audacity projects. I don’t just mean that the Import command doesn’t work on Audacity files (although that is kinda weird: would it really have been that much harder to just grab all the tracks from the file when a user does that, instead of showing them that completely unhelpful message?)

But that’s just a usability issue: what’s far more significant is that, even after I’ve tried googling for multiple different terms (like “audacity move tracks between projects” or “audacity import projects” or “audacity copy tracks”) there still appears to be no way, under any menu, to even conceptually copy or move tracks from one project to another.

This just seems … wrong, and I’m willing to bet that I’m the one who’s in the wrong, not Audacity, because this seems like an incredibly basic feature to missing. So can someone please tell me what an idiot I am and what obvious way I’m missing to share tracks between projects? Because exporting a file as a .wav just so I can import it (and then have to re-split every track apart) isn’t cool man :wink:

I’ve no idea which message you are referring to.

Just copy and paste.
What’s the problem that you are having?