impossible to import WAV file 7.04 GB

I’m new and I am clement: Hello all! :slight_smile:

My concern is: Load a Sound 12hours on audacity, what are the manipulations that can function ca.
Because when I open the file, nothing appears in audacity (last update made​​) except the name of my file, knowing that it is in WAV 7.04 GB
is what I have to compress it, how and / or there’s there another solution?

thank you

Standard WAV files are maximum 4 GB, and in practice a lot of software cannot read WAV files larger than 2 GB.

How did you create this file? Did you export it from Audacity?

It will be difficult to split or convert this file because it is invalid, so conversion or split programs will not read it, or only read the first 2 GB of it.

I suggest using File > Import > Raw Data… in Audacity. Choose the correct sample rate that the WAV has, or the file will play at the wrong speed.

After import as raw data, you may need to zoom in and delete a click right at the start of the track (which is the header information for the file).

Assuming you want to produce 16-bit stereo WAV files at 44100 Hz sample rate, drag-select the first 3 hours of audio, then File > Export Selection… and choose “WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM”. Repeat for the other 3-hour sections. Then the files will each only be about 1.8 GB and will be valid.

Please be aware Audacity cannot save more than 13.5 hours of audio (at 44100 Hz) as an Audacity project. See here for more about this .


Do you still have the original Audacity “project” file?

WAV files are limited to either 2GB or 4GB, depending on which spec you believe. (In the WAV file header, there is a 32-bit “file-size” field, and with 32-bits, you can “count” to a little more than 2GB signed, or 4GB unsigned.)

What final format do you want? As far as I know, NONE of the compressed files have limits (and compressed files are smaller anyway). If you want a lossless format, FLAC is lossless compression. Otherwise MP3 and AAC (lossy) are the most universal “play anywhere” audio formats.

One sneaky way around this issue is to use mkvtoolnix to turn the file into an mka (mkv audio file). ( I did this to my own +5 GB file, after which, audacity loaded the file without mishap.

Thanks, it must be added though that Audacity would not import an MKA file without installing FFmpeg from