Impossible to copy/paste text


Impossible to copy/paste text with Audacity 2.1.2 on Mac Sierra. Just a “klong” when I try to do it. Is anybody knowing how to do it ?

Thanks !

I forgot : I’m french. So you can answer me in french.

Something else : impossible to modify the keyboard keys with Audacity 2.1.2 on Sierra.

Thanks for your future help.

Something else : It works with Audacity 2.0.5 on Sierra, as it worked with this version of Audacity on my old OS X Leopard. So I guess there’s a bug on Audacity 2.1.2 on Sierra.

Sorry but no current official helpers speak French.

To change keyboard shortcuts, use Keyboard Preferences.

If you mean something else, please try to give as detailed description as possible.


Please tell us where you are trying to copy/paste.

Guessing that you refer to file open/save dialogues, yes it is a bug in 2.1.2. It will be partially corrected in 2.1.3 when that is released. For now in 2.1.2, right-click or CTRL-click over the field you want to copy from or paste into, then choose “Copy” or “Paste” as appropriate.


Thanks for your answers.

I just made a copy of the text of a song in Pages and pasted it in the text window of Audacity. Impossible to paste. Am I clear ?

Now I’m using my older version of Audacity and everything works fine.

Sorry, no. Audacity does not have a “text window”. If you don’t mean the dialogue where you open or save, do you mean labels?


Well, maybe I should have mentionned “text field” instead of “text window”. I mean the field you fill when you give a name to a project.

Thanks. That is the file save dialogue that I thought you meant in the first place. As I said, you could right-click or CTRL-click over the field then choose the menu item to copy or paste.



I tried like you told me and it worked. Thanks a lot.

Read you later alligator !