Impossible open file aup.3

I’m trying to open in my mac old file aup.3 realized on pc but it’s impossible. I’m going to attach a screenshot about that
thanks for helping me
Schermata 2022-09-03 alle 17.00.44.jpg

You could receive this message, for example, if your .aup3 project file was severely damaged. If you care to zip up your .aup3 project file and upload it to a public file sharing service, then post or PM me a link; I’ll take a look at it.

Thank you so much I’m going to send you 2-3 files (I’ve to use more than 15) for having a look
Thans again I’m going to do as soon as possible

Here we are two file example aup.3 that I can’t open
that’ts the link

Thank you so much for helping me

OK, I’m taking a quick look on a busy day. The files open on my machine (PC), so I don’t think they are damaged.

Let me suggest that you uninstall Audacity from your Mac, reboot it, then reinstall from a fresh download from here: Audacity ® | Downloads

billw58 tried to open at least one of your files on his mac w/no problem - this confirms there is apparently some problem with your installation.