Importing WAV files from Hydrogen Drums into Audacity

Windows7 and Audacity 2.4.2
Users may already know this but if not here goes.
Hydrogen Drums can export to WAV files which can be imported into Audacity.
Hydrogen has two export options

  • export the whole song as a stereo WAV
    -export each instrument output as a separate WAV.
    But say you have written drum parts, bass guitar, hits etc in a Hydrogen ‘song’ and want to export a specific group of instruments that form part of the song. I use the following -
    To export drums as one WAV - mute any other instruments you don’t want in the WAV export and export the remaining mix as one songfile for import into Audacity.
    To export the bass to a separate WAV, mute all other instruments and export the song to a WAV for import as above.
    And so on.

Thanks for posting your tips.
Yes I’ve also used that technique.

For some other MIDI apps it is sometimes possible to create audio mixes of specific instruments within the app, and then export each of the audio tracks separately.