Importing .VOB files ...

Hello all [new guy here - so please be patient w/me!]

I’m trying to extract just the dialogue track from a dvd. I’m using Audacity 2 and have the ffmpeg installed. Once I import the .vob file, I play it back and it seems to ‘chirp & buzz’ , and sounds out of sync - plays fast. Any idea to get this to play normal? Is it a bit rate issue?

Any help is greatly appreciated. This is a great forum … lots to learn here!


I don’t know that FFMpeg directly supports MPEG2 embedded audio and/or Video Objects (vob). You may need to use a software package that presents the plain sound file; Dolby Surround, or PCM if available. Then, I believe, FFMpeg and Audacity may be able to open it. You may also need software that can create 2-channel stereo out of 5.1 surround in the case of missing PCM (common on longer movies).

Also keep in mind that DVDs and I think broadcast have not only Dolby surround but Dial Norm. The 5.1 audio is pretty common, but Dial Norm is the programmed sound boost that compresses and accentuates special effects like gunfire and thunder. Some people want that and some don’t.


If it is a commercial DVD then it could be “copy protection” preventing you from making a good copy.

I don’t have any problems importing VOB files into Audacity as long as there is no copy protection.

Try - a guide is at This is a better solution if you want the entire soundtrack, even if the DVD is not copy protected, because you can demux the entire DVD audio to a single AC3 audio file (or whatever the format is) . To demux the entire DVD to one file I think you need Tools > Settings: IFO Mode then choose “None” for File Splitting.


Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’ll try DVD Decrypter.

Once I get the 6 channels to open in Audacity - I’m trying to only export the dialogue track, without the music. So, hopefully I can succeed w/DVD Decrypter.

Keep ya posted. Thanks again!

I’m trying to only export the dialogue track, without the music. So, hopefully I can succeed w/DVD Decrypter.

If it’s a 5.1 channel track, you should be able to isolate the six separate channels. If you are lucky, the center channel may not contain any music. But it probably does contain some music & sound effects. You can edit-out the parts along the time-line with music, but wherever sounds are mixed in one track, you cannot “un-mix” them.