Importing recording from smartphone

I am trying to import a voice recording from my smartphone. I sent the recording to my email and saved it in a music file. It is an MP3. I have imported it to audacity but it won’t play. It is there as I can see the blue jagged lines. But I can’t get it to play

I tried another one, but that seemed to be much too loud, so I compressed it as much as possible, but all I get is a loud noise. It will play, but as a loud noise. Can you help please

Can you play it in Windows Media Player (or whatever you normally use)?

It may not be an MP3. You can check it with MediaInfoOnline.

It’s also possible that it’s an “imperfect” MP3. (MediaInfo won’t know that.)

If it’s really an MP3, in the audio section you should see:
MPEG Audio
Version 1
Layer 3

Audacity is more picky than most audio applications and if the file is playable a solution that usually works (no matter what the problem is) is to use Kabuu Audio Converter (or similar) to convert to WAV. Then open the WAV in Audacity.

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